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Dear Patient

You're not alone

Living with multiple chronic conditions can feel like a never-ending uphill battle. You're juggling a myriad of medications, deciphering complex medical advice from various doctors, and navigating a convoluted healthcare system.

Hospital admissions add stress and financial worries to your plate. This constant struggle not only affects your physical health but also leaves you feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, and alone. You're missing out on the things you love, and you're worried about your future.

But remember, it doesn't have to be this way. You deserve a healthcare experience that's personalized, coordinated, and stress-free. You deserve to feel supported, understood, and cared for. And that's exactly what we're here to provide.

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Your NOT Just Another Number

It's time for a change

Tired of feeling like just another number in the healthcare system? Yearning for a dedicated professional who truly understands your unique health needs? It's time for a fresh approach to managing your chronic conditions.

Since 2015, Medicare has offered a new benefit - Chronic Care Management (CCM) services. This isn't just a service; it's a dedicated nurse care manager who becomes your personal health advocate. This is a game-changer for you.

With CCM, you have a healthcare superhero in your corner, coordinating all your care, developing a personalized care plan, and being available 24/7 for urgent needs. It's a transformative healthcare experience that puts you at the center.

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But don't just take our word for it

Our services are led by Shemika Carter NP-C, a Registered Nurse Practitioner with over 26 years of experience in various specialties of nursing.

She's a former SNF Director of Nursing, a expert chronic disease manager, an exceptional Adult Care Practitioner and an active member of the Obesity Medicine Association. She uses her expertise to act as an extension of your physician in the community.

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I set up a house call for my 94 year old grandmother to receive B12 shots. Shemika went above and beyond, even helping to change her after a bed wetting accident! She could have given the shot and left but she was kind and gentle! Love Love Love her bedside manner ♥️
Happy Patient
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Enter TruCare

Your secret weapon in the battle against chronic conditions.

We're here to supercharge your health management with our revolutionary Chronic Care Management (CCM) services. For as little as $8/month, you can have your own private nurse care manager who helps streamline your care. It's like having a personal health assistant at your fingertips!

  • Reclaim Lost TimeAllow your Care Manager to take the load off of you by navigating the medical system to ensure your needs are met.
  • Get the help you needYour own personal care manager - paid for by Medicare - what could be better?
  • Don't let caregiving steal your life: More than 30% of caregivers die before the one they're caring for. More than 40% of caregivers have signs of depression. Help is available. Use it, and get your life back.
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Experience Unparalleled Care at an
Unbeatable Price

Compare the Comprehensive Benefits and Affordable Pricing of TruCare's
Chronic Care Management Services

Personalized Care Plan
Dedicated Healthcare Professional
24/7 Access to Care Manager
Proactive Health Monitoring
Fewer ER Visits
Coordination of Care
Regular Health Status Updates
Medication Review and Management
Preventive Services Schedule
Assistance with Health Resources Navigation
Insurance/Medicare Coverage

Our patients love us!

Here's what they have to say

SO much better then going to the Dr's office

TruCare is amazing!! When I couldn't understand why 2 Dr's we're telling me 2 different opinions, Shemika boiled it down for me in simple terms and by taking the time and helping me figure out what was best for me really gave me strength. She listened, provided choices, was patient with my emotional outbursts and helped me thru a very tough time. All while I was in the comfort of my home. SO much better then going to the Dr's office and waiting forever! Thank you for giving me my peace back!
Rosanna Gray

She will go far and beyond

Nurse Shemika helped me understand what the doctor was telling me, she reviewed my lab work and explained to me what I needed to do next, she was on the phone with me during my appointment so communication between myself and the health care provider was clear. As a result I was referred for follow up care compared to go about it alone. She will go far and beyond to assist you with your medical needs.
W. Coleman

I am grateful for her dedication

I enjoyed the concern and consistency of Mrs. Mitchell while you are under her care. She takes time to answer questions with or without appointments. She is brilliant with respecting the HIPAA Law and respecting patient confidentiality. I like to call her Dr. NP she is the best at what she does. She recommends that you give her a copy of your most recent lab work in order to fulfill her job based on the patient individual needs. Be sure to include allergy test or disclose the information if you are aware of any. Shemika is the first person I call before reaching of to my primary physician, I am grateful for her dedication to her clients/patients and her work. Thank you so much !!!!!
Jerry Artis


Frequently asked questions answered

What exactly is Chronic Care Management (CCM)?

Chronic Care Management is a service designed to help individuals with two or more chronic conditions manage their health more effectively. It involves having a dedicated nurse care manager who coordinates all your care, develops a personalized care plan, and is available 24/7 for urgent needs.

How does CCM differ from the care I'm currently receiving?

Unlike traditional care, CCM provides a dedicated nurse care manager who acts as your personal health advocate. They coordinate all your care, ensure all your providers are on the same page, and are available 24/7 for urgent needs. It's a more personalized and proactive approach to managing chronic conditions.

Who will be managing my care? What are their qualifications?

Your care will be managed by a licensed nurse with extensive experience in chronic care management. Our services are provided by experienced nurses with years of experience working with the senior community.

How often will I be in contact with my nurse care manager?

The frequency of contact will depend on your unique needs and care plan. However, you can reach out to your nurse care manager anytime you have an urgent need, 24/7.

What does the personalized care plan include?

The personalized care plan includes a comprehensive assessment of your health needs, goals for managing your conditions, a medication review, and a schedule for receiving preventive services. It's tailored to your unique needs and is regularly updated based on your health status.

How does the 24/7 access to a care manager work? Can I really contact them at any time?

Yes, you can contact your nurse care manager anytime you have an urgent health need. They're available 24/7 to provide guidance and help you manage any health crises.

How can CCM help reduce my trips to the ER?

Our proactive approach identifies problems before they become emergencies. Regular monitoring of your health status and 24/7 access to a care manager can help prevent health crises that lead to ER visits.

How much does the service cost? Is it covered by Medicare or my insurance?

Everything is paid for by Medicare. You are only responsible for a small, monthly co-pay of about $8.

How do I sign up for the CCM services?

You can sign up for our CCM services by contacting us directly. We'll guide you through the process and answer any questions you may have.

Can I discontinue the service if I'm not satisfied or if my situation changes?

Yes, you can discontinue the service at any time. There's no long-term commitment, and you only pay after you've received our services.

What if my doctor does not offer this program?

TruCare offers a full Medicare-compliant CCM program. Let us know that you are interested in getting started and we take care of all the details for you. Your doctor will be included in this process. If you do not currently have a provider, we are ready to take on your full healthcare needs, including getting you started on our Medicare-compliant CCM program, if you qualify.

Will I lose my physician or provider if I get started on your CCM program?

No, you do not lose your provider. I am an extension of your provider. I share all the information I receive from you with your provider, as we work together to create a personalized comprehensive plan of care for you.

Don't wait!

Managing chronic conditions effectively can prevent health complications and improve your quality of life. The sooner you start, the sooner you can experience the benefits of our services.

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