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You know that feeling, right?

Tossing and turning, waking up feeling like you've run a marathon, and yet you've just been "sleeping". It's frustrating, isn't it? You might be dealing with Sleep Apnea, a condition that's more common than you think, and more disruptive than you can imagine.

Look, I'm not saying you're not trying. You’ve probably tried countless remedies, from changing pillows to listening to calming music. But the real issue? It's not just about restless nights. Sleep Apnea can lead to:

- Daytime fatigue that feels like you're dragging through mud.
- Difficulty concentrating, making even simple tasks feel like climbing Everest.
- Serious health issues lurking in the shadows: heart disease, diabetes, and more.

Fix My Sleep
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Unlock the Secrets of Restful Sleep

Ever felt like there's a secret to a good night's sleep that's just out of reach? That's where we come in. We're not just offering a solution; we're offering a revolutionary approach to understanding your sleep.

You see, it's not just about knowing you have a problem. It's about understanding it. And no, that doesn't always mean guessing. It means getting proven insights with our state-of-the-art sleep study test. But then again, you’re probably thinking, 'Why a Sleep Study is Your Key?

  • Discover the hidden patterns disrupting your rest.
  • Optimize your sleep with insights tailored just for you.
  • Transform your nights with our state-of-the-art technology.
Master Your Sleep Now!
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Your Path to Restful Sleep

Embark on a Tailored Journey to Sleep Mastery in Just Three Steps

Untitled design (30).pngSTEP 1: Schedule Your Session
Begin by setting up an appointment with us. We'll discuss the details, ensuring you're well-informed and ready for the next steps.
Untitled design (43).pngSTEP 2: Track with WatchPAT®️
Wear the WatchPAT®️ over a few nights. This cutting-edge device will capture detailed data about your sleep patterns, giving us invaluable insights.
Untitled design (32).pngStep 3: Personalized Analysis & Plan
We'll analyze the data from the WatchPAT®️, providing you with a clear understanding of your sleep habits. Then, we'll craft a personalized plan to enhance your sleep quality.

Discover What's Keeping You Up at Night

Join the many who've benefited from our comprehensive sleep test study. Schedule your session today

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SO much better then going to the Dr's office

TruCare is amazing!! When I couldn't understand why 2 Dr's we're telling me 2 different opinions, Shemika boiled it down for me in simple terms and by taking the time and helping me figure out what was best for me really gave me strength. She listened, provided choices, was patient with my emotional outbursts and helped me thru a very tough time. All while I was in the comfort of my home. SO much better then going to the Dr's office and waiting forever! Thank you for giving me my peace back!
Rosanna Gray

She will go far and beyond

Nurse Shemika helped me understand what the doctor was telling me, she reviewed my lab work and explained to me what I needed to do next, she was on the phone with me during my appointment so communication between myself and the health care provider was clear. As a result I was referred for follow up care compared to go about it alone. She will go far and beyond to assist you with your medical needs.
W. Coleman

I am grateful for her dedication

I enjoyed the concern and consistency of Mrs. Mitchell while you are under her care. She takes time to answer questions with or without appointments. She is brilliant with respecting the HIPAA Law and respecting patient confidentiality. I like to call her Dr. NP she is the best at what she does. She recommends that you give her a copy of your most recent lab work in order to fulfill her job based on the patient individual needs. Be sure to include allergy test or disclose the information if you are aware of any. Shemika is the first person I call before reaching of to my primary physician, I am grateful for her dedication to her clients/patients and her work. Thank you so much !!!!!
Jerry Artis


Frequently asked questions answered

What is obstructive sleep apnea (OSA)?

Obstructive sleep apnea is a common and serious sleep disorder that causes interruptions in breathing during sleep. This happens when the airway becomes blocked, limiting the amount of air that reaches the lungs.

How do I know if I have sleep apnea?

Common symptoms include loud snoring, choking noises during sleep, feeling fatigued during the day, difficulty concentrating, and waking up frequently during the night. If you experience these symptoms, it's essential to consult a healthcare professional.

What are the health risks associated with untreated sleep apnea?

Untreated sleep apnea can lead to various health issues, including high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, depression, and more.

How does the sleep test study work?

Our comprehensive sleep test study involves three main steps: scheduling an appointment to discuss details, tracking your sleep using the WatchPAT®️ over several nights, and analyzing the data to provide a personalized plan for improving your sleep.

What is the WatchPAT®️, and why do you use it?

WatchPAT®️ is a revolutionary FDA-Cleared portable home sleep apnea test and diagnostic device that uses innovative technologies to ensure the accurate detection of sleep apnea. Unlike more complicated diagnostic devices, the WatchPAT®️ home sleep study device is easy to use, accurate, and reliable Home Sleep Apnea Test (HSAT) and ambulatory sleep study device.

How will the sleep study benefit me?

The sleep study will provide detailed insights into your sleep patterns, helping identify any disruptions or irregularities. With this data, we can offer a personalized approach to address your specific sleep concerns.

Are there treatments available for sleep apnea?

Yes, the most common treatment for OSA is the CPAP machine. However, there are alternative treatments like weight loss strategies or oral appliances made by dentists. The right treatment depends on the individual's specific needs.

How do I get started with the sleep test study?

Simply schedule an appointment with us. We'll discuss the details, provide you with the WatchPAT®️ for tracking, and guide you through the entire process.

Is the sleep test study invasive or uncomfortable?

No, the sleep test study is non-invasive. The WatchPAT®️ is designed for comfort, allowing you to sleep naturally while it gathers data.

How long does the sleep test study take?

The actual tracking phase, where you wear the WatchPAT®️, spans a few nights. After this, we'll analyze the data and provide you with insights and a personalized plan.

The Clock's Ticking, Don't Miss Out!

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Disclaimer: Our Relationship with WatchPAT®️ - Please be aware that while we utilize the WatchPAT®️ to conduct sleep test studies for our patients, we are in no way affiliated with or endorsed by WatchPAT®️ . We neither sell nor resell the WatchPAT®️ . Our primary focus is to provide our patients with accurate and comprehensive sleep data to enhance their well-being. "WatchPAT®️" is a registered trademark of Itamar Medical Ltd a subsidiary of ZOLL Medical Corporation. All rights reserved by the respective owners.